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Custom Pocket Pro Helmets

Welcome to K's Custom Helmets the only customizer online. I started my collection a long time ago because I wanted a new way to collect helmets but mini helmets were getting too expensive to collect them. So I look into making helmets that were affordable. There I found that pocket pro helmets were a perfect fit for me. After several years I like to sell my helmets and make any helmet that you can think up. As of the start of 2018, I will be starting my 10th year on making these helmets and hoping to keep it going for a long time.


 Please if you are ordering something that is custom to allow me time to do the research and make the helmet. This could take up to a week to a month depends on the time of the year, how much information provided, and how many other orders there are. IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR CHRISTMAS YOU MUST ORDER BY DEC. 1 IF YOU ARE ORDERING AFTER DEC. 1 YOU MUST PAY AN INCREASE AMOUNT IN SHIPPING TO ENSURE PROMPT DELIVERY. THE ABSOLUTE CUT OFF FOR ME TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS IS DEC. 15  

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